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Top Question Herndon Artists Should Ask before Buying Computers

Do artists look for different things in computers compared to everybody else? Different people require their laptops to be able to have certain capabilities depending on their needs. Whats for sure is that, any computer you buy – regardless of whether or not you are an artist – should be capable of running all your software without a hitch. Because of this, it is good to focus on the processing powers of the computers for artists you wish to buy. That said, here is a list of some of the questions all Herndon artists should ask before spending money on these devices.

The top question to ask is; what will you do with the computers?

Based on the answer, you can narrow your choices down. The answers will help you know whether to buy the computer you have always admired or look for a better alternative. What’s more, the computer you have always wanted to buy may not perform what you want. All artists are creatives. Consequently, the machines they buy and use must help them to bring out their creative side to the fore.

Once you know what you will be doing with it, you can now consider the actual features.


How much RAM do artists need? Actually, a RAM of around 4GB is sufficient for most artist work. With the 4GB RAM, you should have no difficulty running light graphics work. However, you may need to upgrade to 8GB RAM for general graphics work just to be on the safe side. It is important to have sufficient RAM considering that you will be sharing it with the other software that you will be using.

Storage Space and Speed

How fast is the Hard Drive Speed? How much space is on the Hard Drive? Ask these questions too before spending money on any computer. The least speed should be 7200RPM. Do not go for anything lower than this. Depending on your need for speed and space and the environment within which you will be using the computer, you can choose the regular hard drive disks (HDDs) or the newer Solid-State Disks (SSDs). If you need a fast road warrior capable of handling use in rugged, shaky environments, an SSD might be ideal for you. For greater storage capacity, an HDD might be a better option. Whichever you choose, keep in mind the fact that the type of storage will influence factors such as price. Artists need computers with massive hard drive spaces. Therefore, invest in a computer with 1TB or 1000GB.


The least you should consider in this category is a dual-core processor. Otherwise, you will never be comfortable doing any artist-related stuff on that computer. Do not go lower than 2 GHz dual-core processor. However, go for a computer with a quad-core processor, if you have the money for it. The advantage with quad-processors is that you never have to share the processor. The machine will assign a portion each to the software and OS functions.

Graphics Card

If the computer lacks the latest and most powerful graphics card, you will be wasting your money buying it. Granted, the high-end graphics cards are probably not necessary unless your work revolves around heavy-duty stuff such as 3D rendering or modeling. Most times, the graphics card the computer comes with should suffice for all the work you want to do. It is possible to upgrade the graphics card on the desktop rather than the laptop though.

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