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Computers for Design Students – How to Choose

A good designer is defined by his skill and ability to deliver designs of high degree accuracy. Like everything else, designing requires the use of the right tools for accurate results. Since computers play the primary role in design, it is necessary for a design student to know the right components that a design computer should have.

A computer has two main sections that define its functionality. These are the hardware and software. Specifically, the hardware is the most important aspect in this case since high tech hardware will definitely support the required software. Here is what you should look at when choosing the right computers for design students.


Technically defined as the graphics processing unit, this is an essential hardware for a good design computer. IT should have a good GPU since a GPU is designed to offer better graphics performance hence providing you with high-quality images to work with.
Since there is a variety of GPU’s, it is necessary for you to choose a computer with the most advanced GPU for rich color display and appealing visuals.

The Processor (CPU)

For most people, it can be tempting to buy any flashy looking computer they land their eyes on.

However, the functionality of a computer or laptop is not defined by its looks but mainly by its central processing unit (CPU). The central processing unit of a computer is typically the brain of a computer and it plays the role of computing and ensuring that programs run as desired when choosing a computer for design students, it is a requirement that you should only go for a machine with a processing speed of at least 2.0 GHz. This means that it can perform two billion computations every second and is the minimum processor you should go for. However, you can go for more depending on the extent of the designs you will be handling.


The random access memory plays the role of providing short term memory for the computer. This makes the computer process more things at once and at an impressive speed hence making design work faster and efficient. A computer with 8 GB of RAM or more is the most suitable design computer for design students who look forward to better designing and faster results.

The Hard Drive

The hard drive serves as the long term memory for the computer. There are two types of hard drives. The hard disk drives (HDD) and the solid-state drives (SSD). Both of these drives serve the same purpose and are
suitable for designers basing on personal preferences

The hard disk drive has a higher memory which goes up to 4 terabytes. The main difference between these two drives, however, is their speed. A computer with SSD boots more quickly and launches its programs faster as compared to one with an HDD. Necessarily, a design student should opt for a machine with a hard drive that can start programs quicker and can hold more memory.

While a majority of people tend to consider brand names when deciding on how to choose a computer, the case should be different for a design student. A good designer student should consider hardware properties such as GPU, random access memory, processor, and a suitable hard drive when choosing a computer for their design work.

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